The chat app with cash prizes

Use Tengi to chat to friends and family, get tickets to our weekly draw, win cash prizes or Gift Cards*

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In the press

"Top 5 Apps of the week"

Mirror Online

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"There are plenty of free messaging apps out there, but new player Tengi offers the chance to win prizes. "


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"Includes all of the instant messaging essentials, from emoji to audio messages and group chats. It pays to talk, literally."

Digital Spy

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"One of the Apps of the week. The fact that you could win real money for using it is a big draw."


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This week's winners will walk away with some amazing prizes:

1 × £1,000

1 × £100

And 2,800 × £1 

Prizes are delivered directly to you by Barclays


Why use Tengi?

No funny business — ever!

Where does the money come from?

We have a small amount of advertising within the app, and we give 50% of this revenue away each week as prizes.

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What People Say

Won £10,000

"I had to sit my family down and tell them I had won and they couldn’t believe it! Tengi is brilliant - I would've been sending messages anyway but you can get the chance to win....and I did!"

Anwar , Bradford

Won £1000

"I just couldn't believe it, I never win anything. The app is absolutely brilliant, I love it!'"

Helen , Worthing

Won £1000

"I’m a real chatterbox. I love messaging apps and Tengi is now definitely our favourite app to talk to family and friends. My win has got us all talking."

Liz , Bromley

Won £1000

"You don't think real people win things like this. But I'm proof you do. Tengi is a brilliant idea, it's not intrusive and gives something back."

Jason , Gosport

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Media sharing

Send your friends images, video and audio for free using your data plan or WIFI.

More people, more prizes

As more of you gorgeous people start using Tengi, we’ll give away more prizes.

Easy contacts

Like other messaging apps, any phone contacts using Tengi will be automatically added to your Tengi friends list

Group chat

Start a private group chat with up to 100 friends at once.

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