Spreading the word


Hi everyone,

As we mentioned in our previous blog post over the next couple of months we are trying to spread the word about Tengi far and wide.

In our survey from last year you let us know that it was difficult to get your friends and family to switch their chat to Tengi because there was a lack of awareness, and therefore trust in the Tengi app.

To help overcome this we are building awareness of the Tengi brand through a number of campaigns, both nationally and regionally.

Over February and March, we will be…

-       Advertising on Sky TV in the Yorkshire area, what better way to spread the word than getting on the old goggle-box?

-       Advertising on The Hits radio station nationwide – the station is poptastic and we know that ages 16-24 are head over heels for the idea behind Tengi.

-       Advertising in the Sheffield Star – Tengi is Sheffield born and bred, so we’ve reached out to the city’s biggest publication to help let people know about the hundreds of prizes they could be winning.

-       Promoted on the Free Postcode Lottery – we know the guys over there love the app, we’ve had plenty of big winners find out about us through freepostcodelottery.com!

-       In the news. We want you to see Tengi in your favourite newspaper or digital publication, another way of letting the world know there’s a new chat app in town!

-       Mobile advertising – People see an ad for Tengi on their phone, they think it’s awesome, click it, download it, boom.

Let us know when you spot us :) 

Jordon & The Tengi Team

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